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Reconnected after all this time….

August 18, 2009

Finally, after just over a month of crappy computer/internet problems my old computer passed away this weekend- it was nearly 7 years old, which equals a million in computer years.  Now, I am updated and (mostly) reloaded on a spiffy new Dell Inspirion and counting the days until Vista looses its gloss and I scream “fuck it” like everyone else seems to.  Also, work started again last week.  That’s all there is to really say about that.

Updates hopefully coming but we’ll see how the work load gets.  I really just wanted to crack the door open and say “Hey internet!” and try out the new ‘softouch’ keyboard.  Ah, the future is nice…..


It’s that time again….

July 18, 2009

Just dropping in between trips to let everyone know I’m off to San Diego this week for Comic-Con once again.  I’ll be updating regularly through the Twitter account-this time with pics from time to time.  It will be a hectic mess, but a good time should be had.  Hope everyone is having a great summer and I’ll be back in a week or so.

I think I hate Christmas….

December 24, 2008

Yep- I’ve become one of those people.

Don’t get me wrong.  I stand by what the whole thing started out as.  And I love the idea of it.  But each year I make the mistake of trying to make it as positive as possible for a change and it never works.  In fact it seems to get worse each and every year.

It doesn’t help my family seems to be only about the gifts and stuff of it all.  And family to me has always been a strange concept- being raised by my grandmother and dad created a very non-traditional family environment.  As I get older, it seems like my “family” only wants me to come around when I get married and have kids like the rest of them.  It’s an odd feeling.

It’s also been a very heavy few weeks leading up to the big day, with a very uneven emotional curve.  An emotional rollercoaster if you will.  I don’t know- I’m just not feeling it this year.

I hope it’s something I can get back.  After all my plans seems to have fallen t hrough my last ditch effort is to go help someone “get ready for Santa” tomorrow afternoon.  I hope that shakes the shit from my Christmas tree so I can loose this ever growing Scrooge inside me…

I hope everyone out there is having a great one……….

UPDATE: So after it was all said and done, it actually wasn’t as bad as all that.  The family-when they finally did get together- got along well and I’m lucky to have the friends that I have now, especially ones that actually live in the same place as me for once (but mad props to the others as well…)

Happy New Year all!

Dude, it’s been a month!

December 8, 2008

Damn time flys when your super busy; hard to believe a month has passed already!

Work and Pan is keeping me busy almost everyday, but I’m sure I’ll be back around as it all settles down over the next few weeks.

Nothing really new has happened except for me having a whim and buying a TV bigger than me one day a few weeks back.  It was totally out of character for me to do and it’s sad how much I love it.  My new favorite show is “Sunrise Earth”-1/2 of a filmed sunrise from a beach in the Caribbean?  In HD?  With surround sound??  Best. Idea. Ever.

Also, after months of it sitting there unused the new TV (it really needs a name) has lead me to start playing the XBox 360 on loan while a buddy is overseas.  I’ve even bought two games and started a live accoount to take atvantage.  Now I’m a whole new kinda nerd!

I’m still around….

November 9, 2008

Same old excuses: work has been hella busy with no days off.  Thankfully, they are coming soon.  So here’s the two minute recap as to what I’ve been doing….

Guitar Hero World Tour rocks my socks off.  I think I’ve found a new calling as a drummer in a fake video game band.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno=my least favorite Kevin Smith movie.  And it made me even less of a Seth Rogan fan.

Election Day.  Friggin awesome.  I got to be a part of it on some levels offically on the local level, and the whole thing just felt like something…HUGE.

Sleep is my new thing.  I seem not to be able to get enough of it.

I’ll be working Peter Pan this Christmas.  We’ll see how excited I am around December 23 after 22 shows of “I’m flying…..”

Diary of a super geek: My trip to San Diego Comic Con!

August 12, 2008

Sorry it took so long, but it’s finally done!  I figured the best way to handle this would be in diary format, so without further ado:


My trip to San Diego started at the butt crack of the AM as I had an hour and 1/2 drive to catch a 8AM flight.  Little did I know that security at the Atlanta airport has now reached beyond overkill, past ignorant and back around to stupid…but that’s another article all together.  Due to the long wait in security I have to rush to my plane – which I almost missed!- and get the good news that I’m sandwiched in the middle seat between a friendly Asian gentleman and a large guy who slept the whole trip.  Funny thing is that as he slept he grew larger.  The saving grace was that the plane was full of Comic Con peeps; the nerd love was already being felt!

I hop off the plane four hours later but thanks to the magic of time zones it’s only been two.  My friend – who I stay with the entire trip- and her girlfriend pick me up and we go to a great Mexican place in Old Town, what I was later told was the original San Diego.   Very cool.  We head to the house to sleep of the awesome lunch.

Soon later I was introduced to the Orange Line trolley – my new favorite form of mass transit.  It’s like a subway system -or MARTA for Atlanta folk- but done up as a trolley and runs all throughout San Diego proper.  The Orange Line actually had a stop right down the road from my friend’s house, which made getting to and from the Con way to easy.  Good job, city of San Diego!

My friend tags along and we get to the Convention center and it’s already a buzz with people and activity.  Through some magic, bad ass-ness and just damn good luck my three day individual passes magically become a four day pass!  Now I get to attend preview night; Comic Con starts a day earlier than planned….

I instead get in line for the screening of JJ Abrams new show The Fringe.  This is when I make the first of my many Comic Con line friends.  They were all awesome – some I even traded numbers with and met up for dinner during the Con and even have talked to since that weekend.  The bad part is I that during the weekend I didn’t remember names as well as cities of origin so everyone become known by names such as Toronto, Denver, Spring Hills, etc.  In this very line I met Toronto and the San Diego Moms.  The Moms were great about telling me the best ways to experience the Con as they have been coming for years and everything they said proved exactly true.  After a wait, we finally were seated for the screening.

This would be my first tip to enjoying Comic Con if you ever get to go:  Don’t be afraid of waiting in long lines for an hour -or more- and make the best of it by making friends in the line around you.

Not much to say about The Fringe.  It was….okay.  A lot of crazy setup.  Nothing really special.

Afterwords I strolled over to the exhibition hall to check out preview night and my god was it a bit of a mad house.  There was obviously a large number of the people that were there to only get free stuff and buy all the exclusives.  It got maddening and I dreaded that the floor would be like this all weekend.  I decided to call it a night and go to dinner with the people I was staying with.  All in all, not a bad travel/first day, but man was I exhausted.  Remember, by the time I got home it was nearly 2am to me and I had been up since 6am.  Ugh.


Today was my “check of the floor and get the stuff I couldn’t get last night” day.  Thankfully, the floor was much less crowded and I got everything I wanted both free and exclusives.  The floor had some pretty amazing things on it, made up of movie and TV studios, video games, comic studios, and shops that sold anything pop culture related.  It was like a flashy flea market for super geeks.

After some time on the floor I decided to check out my first panel:  a reunion of the cast from The Greatest American Hero.

This was a blast.  The three main cast members were all there and very friendly.  It was like my childhood all over again.

Later in the day I went to two other panels: Visionary Comic Creators and the Marvel comics panel.  While it was great to see live and in person a few writers and artists whose work I’ve been enjoying for awhile the panels weren’t all that excited or informative.  I assumed Marvel would announce something big, but they mostly said “wait and see” which was disappointing.

With the time change killing me, I decide to call it an early night again -by this time it’s 10pm back home!- and to dinner again with my roomies for the week.  I had to save up, because tomorrow started the big days….


Today started a bit earlier than the previous days, only because I’d had learned how the lines worked and I knew I needed to be in place early to get where I wanted to go.  Most of my morning was dedicated to following the crew from SPACED around and I had an agenda.

At 10am they announced where the line was to draw a ticket for a chance to be a part of the SPACED signing.  Huh?  See, how the “limited” signings work is you show up to the signing booth, they tell you what line to get in then you draw tickets to see who gets to actually get into the signing.  That’s Comic Con logic for ya, I guess.  I was fortunate and drew a winning ticket on the first try.  Then I headed to get in line to get into the room where the SPACED panel was to be held.  Told you I had an agenda.

I get to the room and surprisingly there is no line so I just walk in.  You quickly learn at Comic Con that you plan to attend the panel before the one you want to insure that you have a seat when the time comes.  Having no idea what this panel was I was soon pleasantly surprised.

Turned out to be a panel celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Power Puff Girls.  While on the surface that may not seem all that exciting until the entire cast comes out and you discover that these guys have voiced many of the best cartoons from the past decade if not more.  Chief among them was Tom Kenny, known mostly for his work as SpongeBob.  This was a really funny panel and a great surprise.

The SPACED panel was as I expected it to be.  That’s not a bad thing either.  Simon, Edgar and especially Jessica where very humble and gracious to the fans that turned out.  They answered the questions amazingly well and seemed to have a good time.  Now on to the SPACED signing.

I was saddened to realize I was one of the few people in line who wasn’t just there to see Simon.  I sort of felt sorry for the fans in line that didn’t get a winning ticket that morning, only to loose to a guy who just had them sign their t-shirt or a postcard they gave out during the panel.  But Edgar and Simon were nothing but fun and chatty – I didn’t even have time to say anything due to the fact that Edgar started a conversation with me that carried over to Simon (it was in reference to the spelling of my name and where I was from).  I attempted to pay Jessica a compliment without seeming skeevy, and she smiled and said “Thank you” in here surprisingly shy way.  The first part of the agenda finished, I had some time to return to the floor and check out a few of the shops and booths I didn’t make it to the day before.

As the evening turned to night, I made my way to Hall H: the largest of the panel halls at 6500 seats.  I didn’t have to wait in line again and walked in just in time for the Spirit panel with Frank Miller.  I have to say while the panel was nothing special the movie clips they showed, aided by Samuel L. Jackson’s appearance, made the movie look much better than the trailer does.  Nest up was the Star Wars panel, where they showed clips from everything Star Wars -including the new video games, movie and TV show.  The clips were great but I spent the rest of the panel talking to my neighbors; it felt to much like a business meeting for me.

Now to the meat of the night.  It began with an awkward panel with Kevin Smith, Judd Apatow (of all the Seth Rogan and Will Ferrell movies), Zack Snyder (300 and Watchmen director) and Frank Miller.  This panel was mostly Kevin and Judd making vulgar yet hilarious jokes while Zack laughed and Frank seemingly was bothered to be there.

Soon after this, Kevin came back with the entire cast of his new movie.  This was a great way to end a day.  Seth Rogan and Kevin Smith were awesome together and it made the movie seem like it was going to be great jsut based on the actors-director synergy.  The topics were varied and many, but everything got turned into a dick joke eventually.  I had a headache I laughed so hard.

I was going to stay for the SPACED screening, but there were a ton of people trying to get in and the group behind me said they were going to watch the “new Shaun of the Dead guy’s movie”.  Ugh.  I’d rather watch the DVD’s at home.  So I call it a night -at this point it’s nearly 2am back home.


An even earlier start due to the fact that this is the day everyone said was the most crowded.  I get there to line up for the Heroes panel and, I kid you not, had to get in the longest line I’d ever seen in my entire life.  If it had not been for the awesome people I met in line -hi Denver!- I would have called it a day.  But once the line got moving we all went in and had a seat no problem.  I was really surprised how cool everyone was and how smoothly the large crowd was dealt with.

For the Heroes panel they literally brought the entire cast out and said “thanks for your support.  Let’s watch the first episode of the new season.”  Wha-huh?  And they do.  The whole friggin’ episode.  This was a top Comic Con moment not just because of how awesome it was for what they did for for what was going on: imagine watching a show with 6500 of that shows biggest fans.  People cheered and hissed.  The audience got into it.  It was awesome.

The Lost panel was next and, of course, they didn’t reveal anything about the show (they haven’t even starting filming the new season yet).  Matthew Fox came out with the two producers and they were funny and gave out great prizes to the crowd for asking questions.  While it wasn’t much, this had to be the best “planned” panel of the weekend, so it wasn’t a disappointment.  You could tell these guys love their fans.

Having been filled to the brim with nerdiness, I wondered the floor for a bit before deciding to call it a day and spend the afternoon with my housemates.  And they made dinner.  Sweetness….


My friend I was staying with came with me today to see what it was all about so I let her plan what we did a bit.  We checked out the floor and shopped a bit and then went to Ballroom 20 (the second largest panel room) for the Harold and Kumar panel-she’s a fan.

We lucked out because we came in and they were showing an episode from a show.  We had now clue what we were watching but as it went on it got more and more hilarious.  Turned out we were watching the upcoming season premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I was an instant fan.  The three writers/stars came and and were great, soaking up the fans and very humble.

The Harold and Kumar panel was also actually pretty good.  The guys were funny, but completely opposite to the characters they played in the movies.  After this, my friend had to leave so it was back to the floor for me.

I met a few more artists, had lunch with people I had met the day before, and then we headed to the last panel of the show: a sing-along screening of the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  What better way to end the weekend?

All in all it was an amazing trip.  So much so I’ve already bought my 4 day pass for next year.  No I just have to count the months down…..

Here’s some other highlights of my trip:

1.  Meeting everyone in the lines/panels, especially Toronto, Denver, San Diego and his wife, and Clearwater.  Hope to see you next year!

2.  Running into Seth Green in the stairs and actually saying “hey man!”.  His response?  “Sup dog” just like he would have in Can’t Hardly Wait.  Flippin’ awesome.

3.  Finally seeing a Kevin Smith Q & A session.  If you ever get a chance to go to one don’t even think about it, just go.

4.  Picking up a sweet Masterpiece Megatron on the super cheap after dealing with a guy and having no clue what we where saying to each other.

5.  Playing Street Fighter IV and actually kicking some ass.

6.  Being 10 or so feet away from Claire the cheerleader.  She is absolutely flawlessly beautiful.

7.  Seeing people excepting each other for being themselves and everyone having a good time (yeah, that’s a cheesy one, but oh well)…

8.  Just having a great weekend with old and new friends!

Again…it was a blast – even with the crowds and the long lines- and I recommend it for anyone who even has the slightest interest in going to make plans to go; it’s completely worth it.  I got to see things that I like, got introduced to new things and met some really amazing people while seeing people I really look up to and enjoy talk about things that everyone there loved.

I survived!

July 30, 2008

I made it back from Comic Con in one piece, tired from my trip but feeling great nonetheless.  The only bad thing was the next day was my first day back to work and the first few days are always crazy, so I hope to get a post up about it all soon-hey I’ve got a real job!  But I should be able to get to it this weekend, so until then…..

UPDATE: So going back to work was much more of a beast than I expected.  I’m working on it, but after the last few days I’ve just been too exhausted to do anything at all.  And the pictures are taking for flipping ever to load.  Hope everyone understands…..

I also hope to have the TAGTIST up and running again soon….